Drafting Contracts, Loan Agreements, and Acquisition Agreements (759)

PREREQUISITE COURSES FOR Drafting Contracts, Loan Agreements, and Acquisition Agreements

Course Memo

Starting with the basic building blocks of all contracts and their functions, this course will teach the lawyer’s function in the drafting and negotiation of a business transaction, examine specific drafting skills and techniques, discuss issues that arise in reviewing contracts, discuss contract formalities, and discuss specific provisions found in typical financing agreements and acquisition agreements. Unlike drafting for advocacy, drafting for contracts is about describing with precision the meeting of two minds so that all readers will interpret the language the same way. We will undertake drafting exercises that will teach students to draft with clarity and precision to assist clients in the business world. Sample documents will serve to illustrate specific forms utilized by businesses to achieve their objectives in various transactions typical in today’s business environment.

Course Section Description

This course satisfies the Skills or Drafting Requirement. Students may not receive academic credit for both 759 and 756.