War Crimes & Courts-Martial (848)

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Course Memo

This course examines the law surrounding the treatment of military service members, agents, and civilians under the control of the U.S. government after they have been charged with a war crime. The class will explore what constitutes a war crime and discuss the constraints of the rules of engagement. The course will discuss the Laws of War, the Military Commissions Act, the Manual for Courts-Martial, the Uniform Code of Military Justice, the War Crimes Act, as well as other relevant statutes and cases. Historical cases of war crimes, as well as recent events will provide numerous case studies with which to examine the actions of the U.S. government when it disciplines its own representatives.

Course Section Description

Paper. Students who have completed at least 27 credit hours may use this course to satisfy their Upper-Level Writing Requirement. Students must also take the Upper-Level Writing Workshop.