Law of the Sea (711)


Prerequisite Courses

Course Memo

A survey of the Law of the Sea and national, particularly United States, ocean policies. The Law of the Sea covers a range of highly diverse but related legal disciplines: admiralty and maritime law, international law, crime (including "white collar" crime, terrorism, and piracy) on the high seas, environmental law, and commercial trade. Starting with the historical development of the law of the sea, the course will deal with such topics as maritime boundaries, high seas freedoms, terrorism and crime on the high seas, piracy, nationality of vessels, sovereignty over internal waters and ports, territorial seas, management of ocean fisheries, protection of marine species and marine environmental protection, mineral exploitation of the seabed, and, time permitting, shipwrecks and underwater cultural resources. We will also examine the modern law of the sea as reflected in the United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea. Students will have the opportunity to develop knowledge of the subject matter by doing a research paper and presenting their topic to the class. Final papers are due by the end of exam period. An exam in lieu of a paper is permitted. Students who do an exam will have to do a brief class presentation on a LOS topic. Topics for papers and class presentation will be approved by the Professor. *This course can be used to satisfy the upper-level writing requirement.

Course Section Description

Paper. Students who have completed at least 27 credit hours may use this course to satisfy their upper-level writing requirement. These students must also take the Upper-Level Writing Workshop concurrently, 5550.